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Hi, I'm Kerry! I am based in Yeadon, near Leeds I have loved animals, and dogs in particular, since being a very small child but the field of dog behaviour has been my main interest for the last 16 years when I first started undertaking Canine Psychology courses with the Animal Care College.


From around 1998 until 2006 I worked for a local rescue centre as a volunteer, spending time on a daily basis walking dogs, fostering puppies and spending time with the many cruelty cases they took in with their varied behaviour problems. One of my own dogs at the time had some behavioural problems and wanting to understand and help him sparked my interest in dog training and behaviour. I took dog assessment courses on behalf of the charity and canine behaviour courses and also spent several years as a trustee.

Since then I have passionately enjoyed learning about dog behaviour and along with years of hands on experience working with dogs I have undertaken courses with The Animal Care College, Compass Education and most recently IABTC (International Animal Behaviour Training College, who are a preferred educational provider for the Kennel Club KCAI Scheme). Courses include: Canine Psychology, Advanced Behaviour Modification, Brain & Behaviour, Canine Reactivity, Instructing pet dog owners, How dogs learn, Tellington T-Touch, Anatomy and Physiology. As often as possible I attend seminars run by well known behaviourists as I feel there is always something new to be learnt.

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I am currently working towards my KCAI accreditation with the Kennel Club. I am a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and I am a presenter for Family Dog and Doggone Safe (Be a tree programme), both of which are aimed at helping children learn how to be safe around dogs. I have recently become a children’s Educational Presenter for the Blue Cross which involves going into Schools and teaching about animal welfare and dog safety.

Constantly learning, several years ago I became involved with Ironmountain Canine, training large breed rescue dogs. IMC rescue rehabilitated and rehomed large and bull breed dogs, including dogs with serious aggression problems. IMC was run by Keith Williamson & Anna Osbourne who have written many articles for well known dog magazines.


Below is a piece written by Anna Osbourne.


"Introducing Kerry to Caesar Milan ……

You may have noticed of late a pillar-box-haired lady in the pics and vids of IMC north. That's our Kerry. We've not talked about her much until now because....well...volunteers tend to have a boredom shelf-life. Kerry keeps on arriving, keeps listening, keeps learning and has now become our Colin's best mate - even Keith has to accept that Colin just likes ladies more than gents, and his progress has progressed tenfold since Kerry became his main carer.


This lady has no fear, no shame and no limits. So she's finally been accepted as a full-time Mountaineer. If it makes Nico happy to pull you off a mountainboard? You do it. You don't walk away ashamed because you fell - you walk away proud because Nico didn't freak out at the disruption. You are a Mountaineer.


You introduce Colin (a proven grouch who could pull your arm off on a whim) to a Rottweiler with nowt more than string and determination to prevent carnage if it all goes wrong? You do it. You don't walk away because you are a Mountaineer.


You fall on your arse? You get up. You are a Mountaineer. You can put up with Keith? Damn girl you are a Mountaineer!


Kerry is the first person we've both felt has a true natural and non-violent talent, and has the capacity to become amazing, she's the first person we're both proud to say "this is an IMC volunteer - she's the benchmark". And like any awesome Mountaineer she came to us with a problem, she's the epitome of an empowered woman for me. She learned her stuff for her own dogs, and then realised she could extend it to ours and blesses us with not just her time, but her mind, her humour and her determination. Kerry handles Colin like he was a minpin. Cesar Milan take note. I got a girl here who can handle a section 3 dog, happily and with utter confidence, with an entire female Rottie - no violence, no "snapping him out of it" - she's the epitome of polite, respectful and understanding handling, Keith and I are extremely proud to know her.


She is kindness and strength, the visual reassurance that it's ok not to be a macho arse with your dog, you can do it without violence. In fact, she just became IMC's benchmark - email us a training problem and we will post a vid of our Kerry solving it without violence, and if Kerry can do it, anyone can do it. Not to take away from her, she's cool - but she's human."

Filming for a TV programme with Hypnodog from Britains Got Talent