Training Walks

To support you with a little extra
expert help

Need extra support with your training programme?

Everybody wants to enjoy walking their dog and walks with your best pal should not feel like a chore and result in you coming home frustrated and annoyed. Particularly whilst working on a training or behaviour issue.


You may find your dog can behave very differently out on walks to how they behave when they are relaxed at home with you - many distractions, pulling on the lead, interactions with other dogs, your dog not listening to you  - so additional training walks to top up the training I have advised can be very useful to supplement the training programme you are doing with your dog.


I can provide additional training walks whilst you are at work to support you with the training programme I have recommended for you for:


Dog reactivity

Recall training

Fear of people outside

Fear of traffic

Basic commands & jumping up

General Socialisation

... and more


Or have a busy period where you need a little extra help with your training due to commitments?

If I am working with you on a one to one basis I can help move things along by taking your dog out for training walks. If you feel you need just that bit of extra support or are struggling for time during a busy couple of weeks due to work commitments during your programme I can help.



A training session on a walk with you and your dog

We all have very busy lifestyles and training classes are great but dogs don't behave the same in a class to how they behave out and about in the wide open spaces we take them to so there  is nothing like having a trainer on hand with you when you are walking your dog to coach you in the skills you need. Book a training session out on a walk with you and your dog for any of the above problems but also get tips for things like enriching your dog's walks, pulling on the lead, jumping up at people, basic commands, socialising & recall.